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What we do.

Our company specializes in a wide range of services administrated by our team of highly trained optometrists
Starting with comprehensive eye test to determine your prescription to help you see clearer and to suit your lifestyle.

Our range of services

Retinal Health
Retinal Health

We have a special interest in diabetes and monitoring retinal health to prevent problems from possibly occuring.

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Fundus Camera

We have a fundus camera which takes a picture of the back of your eye to view your retina directly. This helps us to monitor and detected diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and glaucoma.

Contact lenses
Contact Lenses

Contact lens assessments and fitting are performed to custom fit your eyes and suit your individual needs.

Child eye care
Child eye care

We offer excellent children's eye care services which is tailored to their level of each childs understanding.

Visual problems
Early detection of visual problems

Early detection of visual problems is essential for academic progress and preventing problems later on in life. Binocular vision assessments are performed to determine if eye muscles are working well together to focus objects

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